Welcome to Ukraine Trade
Helping European and Ukrainian companies meet and trade
As businessmen with a great combined knowledge of the Ukrainan and European markets from hands on experience in different industries, we have been saddened by the recent developents in Ukraine. At the same time, we beleive that things can only change for the better, and that one of the best ways to ensure a positive outcome is to develop good business relations. Hence, we feel that we should share our networks and what we know with others and thus came up with the idea of creating this platform - Ukraine Trade.
Our offer is to help you, whether you are from Western Europe or Ukraine, to find business opportunities and partners to trade and do business with. Most likely, you feel that your own network and skills are not enough for you to move as quickly as you would like, or you would simply like to inquire into the possible opportunites for you.
As trade is very dependent on the ability to communiacte and know your way around a foreign market we hope that our services will make things easier for you, and that they will increase your business.
Let us know what you are interested in, be it buying or selling, and we'll come up with a proposal for a mutually benefitial strategy.
Photo by Aleksey  Beloborodov
Among the services we can provide are:
* Market analysis
* Marketing & PR
* Negotiations
* Language and localization services
* Project management
* Public tenders
* Trade shows
* Logistics

Let us know what your business is and we'll get started fidning new opportunites for you!


Sergiy Panchenko and Mats Hultén