Our staff

Permanent consultants

Sergiy Panchenko
Masters in B.A., speaks fluent Ukrainian, Russian and English, 20 years experience in Ukrainian business with a past as:

* Director of the Ukrainian Union of Manufacturers of Construction Materials
* Director at Polimer-Prom, a well-known supplier of Polyurethane Solutions
* Director at Domkomplekt (compressors, pumping equipment, generators)
* Head of Marketing at Slobozhanska Construction Ceramics, the Kyiv Real Estate Fund, ProCredit Bank, Pravex Bank and IRF Business Centre
* Brand Manager at Lugansk Meat Industries
* Head of Project Management at Centrumuteckling in Ukraine
* Regional Sales Manager at Lutri
Mats Hultén
M.Sc. in Business Administration, speaks fluent Russian (certified translator ) and also get by well in Ukrainian and Polish. Current and previous experience includes positions as

* Currently CEO with St Petersburg Property Company AB, Sweden
* Director of commercial real-estate developer Centrumutveckling, Ukraine
* Director of Interlink Consulting, Sweden
* CEO of Orc Software Russia AB., Sweden/Russia
* Project coordinator at AGA (Linde), Sweden
* Project Manager at AGA-BKZ, Russia


Oksana Kovalenko
Master of  Education, Degree in Development Management, speaks fluent Ukrianian, Russian, Swedish and English. Oksana is currently working as a programme consultant for the World Bank in Ukraine.